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SoLiS Pivot - Solar Powered Driver's Lounge

SoLiS Pivot - Solar Powered Driver's Lounge


SȯLiS is the Designer and Supplier of Solutions for EV charging infrastructure:

  • Sustainable Technologies - Micro-Grid - (Solar & Battery Storage - Off-Grid Solution) 

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Thoughtful Architectural  Design - Kitted for efficient build out offsite. 

All of our kitted structural solutions are fully modular and are built off-site and can be fully installed in a matter of weeks on a prepared site.  Designed to be expanded in a modular form to optimize efficient construction.  Structures are designed to be durable and low maintenance by the integration of innovative and Sustainable materials: 

Stainless Steel Hardware & Renewable/Sustainable Structural Technologies by ReNüTeq.

SoLiS & ReNuTeq - Ameren Expo (6).JPG

Holistic Drivers Lounge/Hub

SoLiS - Structures - Designed by Luke Sc

Solar EV Charging Canopies

SoLiS Mobility Project Management:


-Structural Engineering

-On-Site Build Management

-Fully Kitted Supply of Structure

-Design of Integrated: Lighting/Surveillance

-Supply of full Solar and Charger System

-Management of EV Network/Partners

-Management of Site - All SoLiS Brand Aspects


Solar Canopy Solution

-Solar Generation

-Provision of protection from the Elements


-Architecturally Pleasing

-Sustainable Materials

-Renewable Technologies

Solutions Market Focus:

-University-Office Campuses 

-Medical Districts

-Market Places


-Hotels - Resorts

-Light Commercial

-Multi-Family - Condos - Residential

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