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ReNuTeq - BMW Charging Structure - International Dealer Development
Luke Schuette Designs - ReNuTeq - BMW
ReNuTeq Solis 6
Solar Structure - Canopy
ReNuTeq Solis - Charging Solutions - BMW
ReNuTeq Solis 8
BMW-i8-Carport- ReNuTeq Solis
ReNuteq - Connections -Structural Bamboo
BMW-carport - ReNuTeq Solis
ReNuTeq - EV Charging - Solis Series
ReNuTeq Solis 7
ReNuTeq - EV - ChargeNow - Dealer Charging
ReNuTeq - Solis 1
ReNuTeq - Structural Bamboo
BMW - Charging Solutions
ReNuTeq Solis 3
ReNuTeq - Solis - Charging Solutions 2
EV - Charging - BMW - Designed By Luke Schuette
BMW - ReNuTeq - Luke Schuette
ReNuTeq - EV Solutions - Solis - LVB - Stainless Steel
BMW - Louis Vitton America's Cup
ReNuTeq - Solar Structure
BMW Charging - Two Car
Structural Grade Engineered Bamboo
ReNuTeq - Canopy System-4 - Engineered Bamboo Structure
BMW Charging Structure
Four Car Charging



Innovation, and efficiency are at the core of our company. From preliminary concept to design development, the goal remains the same.  It is our mission to ensure that efficient solutions are the result of our technologies and services through the meticulous design and development process.  Contact us to see how we can assist in bringing your vision for Solar Powered Structures and EV Charging Canopies. 

Design Assist & Contracting services:

  • Kitted Modular Structures - Fabrication

  • Integration of solar canopy solutions into Architecture

  • Renewable Technologies Integration

  • Project Management

  • Design Build Solutions - Shop Drawings

  • Design Assist - For Architects and Engineers

  • Consulting on Sustainable and Net Zero Solutions

  • Public/Private Partnerships for Governments

LiS is a leading design-builder of innovative and sustainable building solutions. 

Innovation, Renewable Technology, and sustainable structural material is uniquely combined to create structures designed and developed specifically for the client and site requirements. 

Pivot - MINI - Two  (2).jpg

Design Build Solutions

SoLiS & ReNuTeq - Ameren Expo (6).JPG

Holistic Drivers Lounge/Hub

SoLiS - Structures - Designed by Luke Sc

Solar EV Charging Canopies

SoLiS Pivot - Solar Powered Driver's Lounge

SoLiS Pivot - Solar Powered Driver's Lounge